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Bare Minimum Requirements for Vista

According to Microsoft the minimum requirements is a processor with at least 800-MHz, 512MB of RAM and a graphics adapter that is compatible with Dirext 9. I think equally important is making sure you will be able to get all new drivers for all your programs that might be needed. I hope some software venders, especially anti-virus venders will have them before Vista is launched in January 2007. Maybe it will be best to wait a while before purchasing Vista.
Click here to see if youyr computer will be Vista ready.


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Vista Upgrade Advisor

The best way to see if your computer is Vista ready is to download the “Microsoft’s Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor” from Microsoft.
Click here to get it.

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Microsoft Vista is almost here! What are your thoughts?

Is anyone getting the new Microsoft’s operating system Vista.
Seems like a lot of people might wait a bit before some of the bugs that always seem to be bundled with a Microsoft product are addressed.

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